How to Choose the Best Poker App

If you enjoy playing poker, there are various apps to choose from if you are looking for apps to support it. Some are free to use while some charge a small fee to gain additional features.

WSOP’s app is free for download and provides players with an incredible variety of games, an advanced bankroll management strategy calculator and unparalleled league competitions.

Poker Stars

PokerStars is one of the oldest and most acclaimed online poker rooms with an excellent reputation. Boasting an elite software platform, superior mobile apps and one of the finest MTT schedules anywhere imaginable, PokerStars continues to dominate in nearly every country where it operates.

The client is continuously being optimized to look better, feel faster and enhance performance, with many filters to allow players to tailor their experience. StarCoins can be exchanged for merchandise, cash rebates and tournament tickets, while Home Games allow them to host private tables against friends or entire leagues/clubs online; making this feature perfect for those who enjoy poker but live too far apart to meet physically!

Tournament Cruncher

No matter whether you play poker for fun or money, getting the most from your game is paramount. Many poker apps come equipped with tools designed to enhance your experience – including heads-up displays and poker solvers to help hone in on strategy and improve results.

Tournament Cruncher is an advanced poker odds calculator, taking Hold’em odds analysis to new heights. With features such as partial simulation and Monte Carlo simulation as well as full enumeration for postflop situations and answering an endless variety of intriguing odds queries – Tournament Cruncher offers something no other calculator can!

Easy to use and designed specifically with novice players in mind, this game includes an intuitive training mode which simulates real-life situations to help players comprehend how the game works.


Cary Katz, owner of Poker Central, recently unveiled a new online poker streaming service known as PokerGO. This on-demand subscription platform will provide exclusive poker content such as high stakes cash games and tournaments as well as original programming – for either $10 a month or an annual fee of $99 annually.

The PokerGO app will provide live streams from both the World Series of Poker and Super High Roller Bowl, along with on-demand access to past events. In addition, it will include high-stakes cash games and original shows like No Gamble, No Future and High Stakes Duel.

Additionally, the app will feature an innovative social gaming platform where players can customize and upgrade their avatars while earning real world prizes. Users will be able to watch multiple channels at the same time using this app and can even compete against friends in real time!

Poker Manager

Poker Manager is an intuitive poker tracker with a user-friendly design, making it simple and user-friendly. Filters allow you to pinpoint specific areas in which your game could use improvement; additionally, this tool lets you mark hands as you play so they can be reviewed afterward.

MTT grinders will find this poker software indispensable, offering numerous features to enhance their game and hone their craft. Features like automatically detecting tables and saving seat positions automatically as well as managing waiting lists and preselecting bet sizes are among others offered here, plus you can assign hotkeys or display tables as overlays are all part of its arsenal.

Preflop spots and ICM calculations, an essential aspect of tournament play that separates winners and losers, can also help identify leaks in your game and help guide better decision-making at the table.