Live Roulette


Live Roulette

Whether in land-based or online casinos, Roulette is the most popular and prestigious that it’s the decisive element if a casino is worth visiting or not. The French-originated classic can be played easily, even by beginners as there are not many rules to learns (but mastering the rules and strategies can be very advantageous!). And players have a bunch of bets to choose to hand. And the rewards, one of the reasons for its popularity, are just huge.

Bet88sg, one of the most professional and trusted gambling agencies in Singapore, always tries to improve betting services and experiences for the members. Visiting and playing Roulette our live casino, you may have a feeling like no other. Besides the original version, Bet88sg also releases American and European versions with unbelievable visual effects and incredible payouts, which will make you feel like you are in an actual fancy casino.

Not only Roulette, other live casino games at Bet88sg were created and developed with passion and dedication. You can expect realistically amazing gameplay with no cheat or security breach. Besides, we require NO downloads to be able to have access to our source of recreations. Be relaxed and get rich in the easiest way!


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Roulette is generally a round table with a lot of numbered attached on. There is also a white ball which will be thrown in the table by the dealer. And players who place their bets on the numbers that the ball lands on will win. It’s the smart strategy that separates the professionals from beginners.

Let’s get into more details. A typical Roulette table consists of 37 sections (38 in American version) colored with black and red alternatively. But the number zero (and double zero in American version) is colored green. Like any casino game, the rewards are paid in accordance to the winning-probability of the player’s chosen combination.

The layout and rules of live Roulette are relatively similar to  that in traditional casinos. First off, pla cyers will make their bets. Then the ball is thrown and lands on a random number/combination. Finally, the winner is announced and rewarded, and a new round starts.

Bet88sg always offers free versions of live Roulette. The players, therefore, can always practice and play until they get familiar and become a pro. Meanwhile, beginners can learn different strategies, alongside with the basics to be smarter gamblers.

As aforementioned, Roulette includes three main variations: French, European, and American. The basic rules between those three remain the same. It’s the design of the table that’s different. European Roulette consists of 37 numbers: 1-36 and a 0. Players can place their bets on a single or a combinations of numbers, or odd/even numbers, or red/black numbers. And in most casinos, if the ball lands on number 0, players will get half the money they bet.In American Roulette, there is an additional double zeros, which makes it 38 pockets on the table. The rules and payouts in American Roulette are similar to other versions of Roulette, but the players may find it more challenging because of the 00. The final version is French Roulette, the most popular one that has been introduced at the beginning. 

Ultimately, each type has its own nature and strategies. Please read more our articles to find out the best tips roulette and win big in live Roulette with Bet88sg.

Win Real Money And Bonses On Live Roulette

Bet88sg is proud to be one of the most generous betting agencies when beginners will be granted an unbelievable sum of bonuses to make their very first bets. And who knows, maybe those initial bonuses can bring you a big fortune, besides pure entertainment. Players who have been around for a while will also get daily rewards and free spins as a tribute. We also offer high-tech cashout services so players can withdraw money in the fastest and safest way. 

Lastly, if you have any problems while experience live Roulette or other casino games, please feel free to contact our Customer Service, we are available 24/7 round the clock.