Shooting Fish Game

Online Fish Shooting Game

Welcome to the ocean world where you can catch various ranges of colorful fish and living creatures with huge packages of jackpots and payouts. Hardly has any gambler not heard of this super entertaining hunting game that is extremely popular in Singaporean live casinos. Nowadays, no matter where you are living, can still enjoy quality captivating fish shooting game with bet88sg. Unlike other casino games with reels, tables, etc. In fish game, all you need to do is pick your gun and literally start shooting “money”. It takes practice, of course, but it’s so simple that you can be a fish-hunting professional within a few hours of playing.

Compared to fish shooting game in traditional casinos or shopping malls, the online version at bet88sg is relatively similar in terms of the gameplay. However, online fish-shooting game is significantly enhanced with amazing 3D visual and sound effects. Besides, online fish game includes the following advantages over the traditional version:

  • Wide ranges of game forms, themes and a lot more fish types and lively ocean creatures.
  • Flexibility: Online fish game can be played anywhere and anytime with a computer or laptop with Internet connection.
  • Easier to target and shoot. Thus, more chances of winning big rewards or jackpots.
  • Quick money deposit and withdrawals with many online payment methods.

Let’s stay with Bet88sg to find out what more in included in Fish Game.

Fish hunters’ fundamentals

Features and tools in Fish game are to support you and help you maximize your rewards, which are usually cash. Beautifully designed, equipment such as fishing gears, nets, water bombs, nets are super beneficial for hunters in many ways. You may need different types of guns depending on your budgets, the sizes of the fish, or the amount of payout those fish can potentially bring. Those tools are very easy to master, but having the right strategy to use which one is what seperates from the amateur and the professional. Another interesting factor is that the bombs can set off at any moment you are playing. This can be regarded as “the life-saver” or “the winning-guaranteed feature” as it may wipe out all the fishes on the screen and you won the game. The game also includes the fishing season, which is when players can fill up their accounts much faster as a gigantic number of fish, octopus, or turtles pop in the screen at the same time. Again, the payouts will be transferred as real money to fish hunters.   

Betting in Fish game

Like other gambling games at bet88sg, players place their bets with coins. First off, you need to bet your wager (or stake) and your gun. There are 3 options for the players, each one offers a certain amount of coins and guns activated. Option number 1 allows you to bet 1-9 coins with 1 gun. The second option is 10-90 coins and 2 gunsm, and the third option is 100-1000 coins and 3 guns. As the game screen starts loading, if necessary, players can increase or decrease their wager (stake) by tapping the two plus and minus symbols in the bottom of the screen.

New definition of entertainment

Fish game at bet88sg will bring you to a new height of fun and amusement as it has successfully done in Singaporean gambling field. It offers good gameplay accompanied by unbelievable graphics and sound effects. Plus, you can expect realistic fish sightseeing and catching experience in stunning deep oceans while bringing home insanely big amount of cash. You may find it difficult to get such benefits in many online casinos.

Easy to win and favorable payouts

As mentioned above, despite the fact that you need practice to become good at this fish-shooting game, you can actually make money more easily than other online casino games. The more you shoot, the more money you get, it’s that simple. Pay good attention to the golden dragon symbol, which can maximize your rewards during the fish hunt. It helps increase your bet and number of guns of 3 so you can shoot more fish and claim more chances of winning jackpots. If you are a beginner, you can start off with the smallest wagers, meaning your winning bet can be doubled. Remember that at any moment can you receive a big fortune that any players can ever dream of.

The best Big Fish game from the most dedicated developer

Consuming many working hours of our game developers, bet88sg’s Fish Game online is promised to meet any gambler’s demand for entertainment, winning cash, or just pure relaxation. Pick up your gun and start shooting!

Find out the Fish game’s appeal today and win BIG at bet88sg.