Dragon Tiger Online – Strategies

Dragon Tiger Online - Strategies

Dragon Tiger Online – Strategies

Dragon Tiger online is mainly based on luck, so there aren’t many strategis to apply. However, Bet88sg has gathered some valuable information and advice from experienced gamblers that hopefully can help beginners or those who want to play more wisely.

Counting cards: In Dragon Tiger online, the decks of cards are shuffled and dealt by a software that guarantees the highest level of fairness. The players, therefore, can reduce the house edge by counting cards. Most importantly, you can keep track how many 7s have been dealt, because no matter what bet you make, if a 7 is drawn, you lose your bet.

Avoid the Tie bets: Although the payout of the Tie bets are very appealing (8:1), players shouldn’t go for it because of that. Besides the probability that the two hands share the same value, the house edge of the Tie bets is really high (32.77%). The suited tie bets give even lower winning chances, so the Tie bets are not recommended.

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Dragon or Tiger bets are the best options : The main two best are the simple and most possible options, to both beginners or professionals. The house edge for each is 3.73%, the lowest rate in all types of bets. These winning bets are usually paid in cash.  

Suit-based Strategy: Another strategy that may come in handy is tracking the suits that have been dealt. From that, players can eliminate the chance of appearing certain suits and place bets on the others. For example, if the hearts in the decks of cards are believed to have been dealt the most, players should avoid that suits and place bets on the other three.