Top 3 Strategies Dragon Tiger For The New Beginners


Top 3 Strategies Dragon Tiger For The New Beginners

Having no ideas about the strategies to win the Dragon and Tiger  ? Do not worry . Here are some strategies to increase your luck . Better chance will come if you follow our post today .  Visit our Page for further more information about Dragon and Tiger  and other interesting games updated daily.  

An Overview Of The Dragon and Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger game is an outstanding Asian game which has the base on the control external position and takes advantage of the difficulties to catch up with for Western players contains a higher advantage for the … Read More


Pai Gow Poker

Simple rules, the Chinese casino classic can be learned very quickly by anyone. That’s one of the key factors that makes Pai Gow remains its popularity in many Singaporean casinos, or some Western gambling spots. Being a member of Bet88sg by registering an account, players can experience the exciting Pai Gow Poker for FREE.

Rules Of Online Pai Gow Poker

In Pai Gow Poker, also known as Double-handed poker, the players and the dealer will receive 7 cards. And the ranking of the cards and hands in online versions is similar to that in land-based casinos.

After being dealt the … Read More



To beginners, the numbers and terms in football betting sites can confuse them and they can hardly understand what they mean. This article is to help new gamblers clarify those term and have a better understanding about betting in football matches.

Asian Handicap

Originated in Indonesia, Asian handicap betting is a popular measure to determine which team, between the two, is handicapped. Handicap bets are made according to the teams’ current form and recent results, and a stronger estimated team must win by a few certain goals for a gambler to win. There are some common Asian handicaps such as … Read More

free online roulette


Whether in land-based or online casinos, Roulette is the most popular and prestigious that it’s the decisive element if a casino is worth visiting or not. The French-originated classic can be played easily, even by beginners as there are not many rules to learns (but mastering the rules and strategies can be very advantageous!). And players have a bunch of bets to choose to hand. And the rewards, one of the reasons for its popularity, are just huge.

Bet88sg, one of the most professional and trusted gambling agencies in Singapore, always tries to improve betting services and experiences for … Read More

shooting fish table game

Online Fish Game & Fish Game Machines: The Differences

Fish shooting Game, or simply Fish Game, has been no longer a strange name to those who are interested gambling. In fact, you can hardly find any casinos in Singapore that doesn’t fixture Fish Game machines. Throughout the years, the demands for playing Fish Game has drastically increasing because of its simplicity and richness in entertainment. Being clearly aware of this issue, game developers have created the online version of this game so many more people can enjoy shooting colorful ocean creatures without having to go to an actual casino. Basically, the gameplay and rules of the online Fish … Read More