History Of A Legend Blackjack

History of Blackjack
History of Blackjack

History Of A Legend Blackjack

Mention about the origin of Blackjack , people often picture about the mystery stories about how the game was born . For the historians, the history of Blackjack  has challenged the curiosity of anyone who is interested in the game for such a long time . Up to now , there is no one who knows exactly when and where the game started . Besides the mystery origin , Blackjack has evolved and been improved to have the firm position nowadays in the gambling community. Continue our post to have a closer look on this kind of game .  … Read More


7 Tips To Win At Baccarat

Baccarat does not require its players to be rich and glooming dressing to master all the skills in order to get more bonus and commission from the dealer

7 Tips To Win At Baccarat Do Not Bet On The “Tie” Banker Is The Best Choice Remain Betting On Banker Till The Loss Wait For Others After A  Loss From BankersWe Do Not Count The TieManage Your Money TIP1 – Do Not Bet On The “Tie”

Baccarat has 3 bet types which are popular to the players . They are Banker , Player and tie. By the way , remember the … Read More

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat Rules

Being acknowledged about how Baccarat works is not enough. Following these rules below would be another thing every players should do now. Follow our page Bet88.com to know more about the rules as well as more strategies besides our facts to be the winner today

There are some rules of Baccarat players should know

1. There are 8 eight decks of cards which should be applied during the game .

2. Each card has the given points .

3.The game start with the bet on players or banker . Another kind i betting on a tie we have mentioned above. … Read More

Types of Baccarat

Types of Baccarat That Players Should Know

Not only new players should know about the rules and strategies , there are some facts of types Baccarat gamblers need to understand

Baccarat Has 7 Kinds Of Tables : Big Table BaccaratMini baccaratEZ BaccaratSuper Six BaccaratChemin de FerThree Card BaccaratSuper Pan 9 Big Table Baccarat :

It is used in the high class player and separated among of other games . The players are usually nobleman with the regular bet minimum is not low .

This baccarat table can consist of 3 casino dealers and 12 or 14 players. The dealer will turn around the table . If the … Read More

Strategies of Baccarat

Strategies of Baccarat

There are some strategies over here in case you want to have some words to rely on and refer.

A large table with 12 to 14 seats is in need when you have any purpose to play Baccarat . The seats are numbered in order except the order 13th . Due to some conceptions about fortune , the number 13 has been eliminated. The game starts with the standard 52-card English decks and shuffle all the cards . A cut-card comes out shows the last hand. It was put at the end of the shoe . Later , it is … Read More


Baccarat And History Of The Legend in Gambling Community

Baccarat is not by chance to be considered to have a rich history to most of pro players . Let’s learn new exciting stories with Bet88sg.com around the most favourite card game of the era.

Baccarat History Begins in Italy

Born in Italy , Baccarat was invented and named after Italian meaning “zero ” . The man made this game is Felix Falguiere . Due to the value of the tens and card’s feature as zero .

There is a myth about the rule of Baccara . It is a Etruscan stories about a virginal lady throwing a dice which … Read More

Roulette Tips

Roulette Tips

It is not always available try your luck during your games, especially true to gambling community . If the little wheel is new to your knowledge, here are some of ” weapons ” for you .  Supposed that you are a pro roulette ? Lucky ! There are also some hacks and tips for surprising jackpot . It is divided into 2 cases for every situation.

Situation 1: Placing a bet with 8 chips , the winning probability will increase at 43.2%,  along the breakeven percentage for 48.7% and the loss about 8.1%. If you can win 1 chip with … Read More

Roulette Strategy

Top 5 Roulette Strategy – Beginner’s Guide

There are plenty of strategies and rules in betting Roulette . The Martingale Strategy, The Reverse Martingale Strategy , The D’Alembert Strategy, The Fibonacci Strategy,  The James Bond Strategy are the most popular strategies players should know.

It is not easy to win any game in the gambling casino . Especially to games based on physical layouts and psychology aspects like Roulette. However , most of them are not really correct and based on personal point of view . Let’s check out these ideas below and find the real one for yourself

A Full Roulette Table Has The Below… Read More
history roulette

History Roulette

Roulette is as far as becoming the famous symbol during two centuries . It is not only a familiar phrase in gamblers’ mind but also indispensable game in most of every being loved casino games. Playing an important role in Casino industry in general , Roulette is holding the  first choice under the circumstance when there are more and more games created to meet the demand of users .

The Mystery Existence Becomes A Famous Game

Named after the French word , there is no exact evidence when and where Roulette came into existence. Back in time , take a … Read More

Marina Bay Sands Best Casino Singapore

Marina Bay Sand

Marina Bay Sand

“Marina Bay Sands is a must-see destination in Asia and has contributed to increasing business and leisure tourism to Singapore.

The success of Marina Bay Sands has allowed it to serve as an important reference site for emerging jurisdictions considering Integrated Resort development.”  

Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

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Introduction : An Overlook about Marina Bay Sand

Marina bay sands now is the name regularly mentioned and appeared on most of social media and stories from worldwide travelers . The hotel … Read More